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NFL Power Rankings: Packers At No. 1

It's not a big surprise to see the Green Bay Packers at the top of the SB Nation power rankings. From SB Nation:

They're sticking here until they prove they don't deserve it. Through two weeks, they're the best.

For the rest of the NFC North, the Lions come in at No. 10 (seems a little low), the Bears are No. 12 (seems about right), and the Vikings are at No. 30.

I'm obviously not a Vikings fan, but they should be ahead of the Seahawks (who are playing the offense cast out of Minnesota). And the Dolphins. But that's about it. The only other 0-2 teams are the Panthers (I'm on the fence here, they might be better than the Panthers) and the Rams. If you didn't watch the Monday Night game, the Rams outplayed the Giants for most of the game, but they had a couple of crushing, stupid turnovers that killed them. I think they're better than the Vikings.

When will the Lions be considered for real? Looking ahead at their schedule, they've got a real weak slate of games upcoming. But the 2010 Lions wouldn't have won at Minnesota, or at Dallas, so you'll know something's changed if they win those two games.