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Chastin West Signs With The Jaguars

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The Jaguars have announced that they signed preseason receiving star Chastin West off the Green Bay Packers practice squad. The good news is that he has the chance to play in a regular season game, and the bad news is that he'll have to do it with the Jaguars. If you can stomach it, here's the lowlight reel from last Sunday.

He's a good player, but the Packers have so much receiving depth that he has no place on the active roster. I don't know if he's good enough to start in the NFL, but he's proven he deserves a chance. He might get one with the Jaguars.

He's listed as the No. 5 or 6 receiver on the depth chart, but it's not like his main competition is playing lights out. Other than WR Mike Thomas, and currently injured WR Jason Hill (who makes CB Darrelle Revis cry), no wide receiver on the Jaguars roster has been targeted more than twice this season.