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The Packers Have A Pass Heavy Offense

Have at It: Judging play-callers - NFC North Blog - ESPN. While Mike Martz is receiving most of the scrutiny for letting QB Jay Cutler get sacked into oblivion last Sunday, Kevin Seifert pointed out that Mike McCarthy "bristled at questions" when asked about a roughly 70% to 30% pass to run split. As I wrote about earlier, even Aaron Rodgers thinks the Packers could run the ball a little more, but when everything is working on offense, this isn't an issue.

Week 3 Packers Stock Report: Starks and Raji on the Rise, Walden Falling | AllGreenBayPackers.Com. Both B.J. Raji and James Starks have started the season as well as I could have expected, but I'm not disappointed in Erik Walden. He had one huge game against the Bears in 2010, but he's always had his limitations. I'm not expecting him to get much better.

Green Bay Packers news | Chicago Bears scouting report | Green Bay Press Gazette. Shocking. The Bears demote their best receiver (Johnny Knox) for a bust (Roy Williams), trade their best receiving tight end (Greg Olsen), and their group of receivers look less impressive than last season. Mike Martz is a genius! Right now, I'd assign Charles Woodson to shadow Matt Forte and see if the Bears offense has any Plan B. Also, their offensive line is shaky under the best circumstances and the entire right side of the line is currently injured. The Bears defense will have to dominate if they're going to beat the Packers.