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Who Wants To Be A Packers Shareholder?

I don't know how I missed this bit of important news yesterday. From the Press-Gazette:

The Green Bay Packers will hold a stock sale before the end of the year if they receive the necessary approvals.

During the last offering, in 1997-98, the organization sold shares at $200 each. It raised $24 million.

"We are hopeful we would sell in the neighborhood of at least what we did last time," Popkey said.

Each share will cost "$200 or more" according to team spokesman Adam Popkey. Maybe they have some reason to be pessimistic, but I'm thinking this will be like printing money. They have a new generation of fans who would like to become a shareholder, fans who may want stock from another offering (if they bought some back in 1997), and fans like me who regret not buying any during the last stock sale.