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Cheesestradamus Week 3: Packers @ Bears

Packers-Bears. Nothing more needs to be said, but I'll say it anyway. This Sunday will mark the 183rd meeting of the greatest rivalry in professional football, but the first as far as Cheesestradamus is concerned. Will someone knock Kuhl off the top of the leaderboard this week? Will we as Packer fans sing "Da Bears Still Suck" in jubilation or in disappointment after the game? And most importantly, will the Packers go two games up on the defending NFC North champs, or will the Bears pull into a tie at 2-1 with the Super Bowl winners? All will be revealed, starting at 3:15 PM Central time on Sunday.

If you need a rules refresher, head back to the Week 1 post. Follow the jump for the current overall standings and any weekly notes you may need.

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Your overall standings:

This week, we'll be doing the usual predictions: Packers' score, opponents' score, first Packers' TD, most receptions, and bonus prediction. In addition, you'll predict what Jay Cutler's passer rating will be, using the same scoring as last week (3 points if you're within 2.5 points of the actual rating, 2 if you're within 5 points, and 1 if within 7.5 points). The other predictions will be which player will record the Packers' first full individual sack on defense (if two players combine for a sack and get 0.5 each, that will be ignored), as well as the number of turnovers that the Packers will force.

Good luck, and stay cheesy!