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Who's Getting Targeted and Who's Not

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Over the first two games this season, the Green Bay Packers have 30 fewer pass attempts than their opponents. QB Aaron Rodgers only has 65 attempts, and 20 other quarterbacks have attempted more passes. Fantasy football managers with Packer receivers on their teams no doubt find the lack of attempts frustrating, but it's happened in part because the offense is efficient.

But with fewer opportunities, it's left me wondering who's involved in the pass offense this season and who's getting left out. Here are the stats so far this season, and for last season, from

Player 2011 Targets Project 16 Games 2010 Targets
Jennings 16 128 125
Nelson 10 80 64
Finley 10 80 26
Driver 8 64 84
Starks 5 40 4
Jones 3 24 87

No surprise that Greg Jennings remains his top target, with Jermichael Finley coming in second place. I'm a little surprised that Jordy Nelson (I've been waiting for this to happen since the start of the 2009 season) has finally moved ahead of James Jones, and arguably he's moved ahead of Donald Driver too. While Driver is still the starter, he might have a lot fewer passes thrown his way this season.

There appears to be a little bump in passes to tight ends, which isn't surprising because of Finley's return. There are a similar number of passes going to wide receivers and running backs. But I'm sure many people have noticed that Jones is not involved in the offense, despite the big free agent contract he signed this summer.

On the other hand, it's only been two games and that's hard to project out for a whole season. I've never been a huge fan, but Jones might be more valuable next season depending if Driver returns for another season and Nelson leaves as a free agent.