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Michael Lombardi On The Packers Win Over The Bears

In his Monday report, Michael Lombardi wrote about two players for the Green Bay Packers who are also the top two vote getters in our post-game poll. From

Speaking of tough matchups, is there any tougher than Packers TE Jermichael Finley? He is the Dwight Howard of the NFL -- he's hard to handle because of his size, speed and power. He can also finish when he gets near the end zone. Packers coach Mike McCarthy does a great job of creating the mismatches for Finley, but in reality every situation is a mismatch.

And on defense:

I had the Packers' Morgan Burnett on my dream team because he was so impressive in the preseason, and Sunday he grabbed two interceptions. Burnett is tough, can tackle and shows incredible range.