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Who Are The Boldest Packer Fans?

I asked the question in an earlier post sponsored by Guinness, and I got a few suggestions for the boldest Green Bay Packers fan.

Packer Fans Take Convertible To Dallas - YouTube "Packer Mobile". I'd be dying for the first hour or two driving that open top through Wisconsin in February. Maybe I'd get used to it, but I don't know. That was my suggestion.

Roger Goodell and Steve Tate - YouTube. Steve got a mention. I'd say it's pretty notable if the Commish points you out in the crowd. I do have to admit he stood out.

Raji Interception Fan's Reaction - YouTube. Another suggestion was watching a game on hostile ground. Screaming like a madman at the NFC Championship game is one example I found. That would have been a hard game to travel to if the Packers had lost.

Vmix : RAW VIDEO: Craziest Fan Contest, 'Wolf Pack'. Here's one reader's entry in the boldest fan competition at the Super Bowl.

Mikey The Packers Pug - Rockin The Bears - YouTube. Yep, he's going number one on a Bears helmet.