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Film Study: The Trouble With Charlie Peprah

There were two players that were going to help the Green Bay Packers hold on while dealing with the loss of S Nick Collins for the season. S Morgan Burnett is emerging as the player they thought he could become. He's tied for the NFL lead with 3 INTs, and tied for the team lead with 27 tackles.

The other player was S Charlie Peprah, who'd be ready to step back into the starting role he played so well in 2010. I'm not sure what happened to Peprah v.2010, but he didn't show up on Sunday. Here are three videos from featuring three completions by QB Jay Cutler for a total of 106 yards. The Bears had a total of 291 yards in the game. And Peprah is the one getting beat in coverage.

Knox goes deep - This one looks like the coverage was given up by "hole in the zone" but someone had responsibility for this area. Maybe the cornerback didn't get back fast enough, but Peprah was the deep safety who didn't run up in time to challenge the pass.

Davis' 32-yard TD - Peprah was where he was supposed to be in coverage, but he didn't come up to make the tackle. Yes, a couple other defenders also missed tackles, but the pass was completed in Peprah's zone. 

Knox 24-yard catch - He almost got over in time, but Knox still made the leaping grab.

How bad is it for Peprah? On the two receptions to Knox, Cutler made a great throw for 40 yards and Knox made a great catch for 24 yards, and they forced Peprah to run all the way to the sidelines to make the play. On the touchdown to Davis, Mike McCarthy isn't going to be happy with anyone's tackling. 

What are the alternatives? Either M.D. Jennings or Jarrett Bush. We don't know exactly what we'd get from Jennings, but based on the preseason, he's about as good as Peprah. We all know what to expect from Jarrett Bush.

My preference is to stick with Peprah for now. It was his first week with the first team defense in practice, he played well last season, and the Bears completed two low percentage passes to Knox that could have easily sailed high and incomplete. He can play better.