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Cheesestradamus Recap: Week 3

As we advance through the early weeks of the season, a trend is forming: the APC community is getting consistently better at hitting predictions each game. We've seen an increase from 3.7 points for an average entry in week 1 up to 4.6 in week 2, and the Bears game saw another jump up to 5.8. And while the top score stayed stable across the first two weeks (12 and 11 for weeks one and two, respectively), The Big Cheesy blew those numbers away this Sunday, putting up a whopping 18 points and earning a share of the overall lead.

Week 3 Leaderboard

Your overall standings and Week 3 results will be after the jump.

Overall Standings

Packers' Score: 27

Bears' Score: 17

Packers' first TD: Jermichael Finley

Jay Cutler's passer rating: 78.9

First sack: Jarius Wynn

Most catches: Greg Jennings (7)

Turnovers forced by Packers' defense: 2


Eligible and correct bonuses:
No rushing touchdowns in the game (mgulrud)
Both Bears and Packers defenses will have an interception (unclemoxie)
Jermichael Finley will catch two touchdowns (GMan83201 and tmoneyttime1)
Jay Cutler will pass for over 300 yards (bigpoppaloaf)
Packers will score only passing touchdowns (jkuper10)
4 false start penalties by the Packers' Offensive line (AaronR)
Packers give up less than 60 yards rushing (brazenabyss)
Two interceptions by the same Packers defender (Packer Logician)
Packers have 7 total penalties (jabooty)
Jermichael Finley scores the last Packers TD of the game (gbpackers94)


Good work, everyone. Keep an eye out for Week 4's post later this week. An honorary mention should go out to osc630, who's setting the bar for Cheesestradamus futility as the only user who has submitted an entry all three weeks and has no points. Hang in there, you'll get on the board soon!