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Football Outsiders: Packers at No. 8 In Week 3 Standings

There isn't anything specifically written about the 3-0 Green Bay Packers in the Week 3 DVOA rankings at Football Outsiders, but they are ranked at No. 8 overall. That's the worst of the three 3-0 teams, and behind the Titans, Ravens, Patriots, Giants, and Jets at 2-1. 

What's holding the Packers back is there previously excellent pass defense, but it's been trending positive (currently No. 22 overall) after ranking near the bottom after Drew Brees shreded them in Week 1. 

Unsurprisingly the offense is ranked near the top at No. 4 overall, and surprisingly their special teams is ranked a respectable No. 18 overall. WR Randall Cobb and his kick return for a touchdown is the big boost to their special teams ranking.

The main thing holding the special teams back is P Tim Masthay. According to, he currently ranks last with a net average of 27.8. His average punt isn't much better at 39.6. He's only punted 13 times this season, so we may just be looking at a small sample. He'll be someone to keep an eye on over the next couple games.