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Washington Post: The Best Teams By Record

In my latest post over at The League, I wrote about the best team by record: 3-0, 2-1, 1-2, and 0-3. I did not say the Green Bay Packers are the best 3-0 team. Sorry about that, but the Bills have gotten off to a very good start. While the Packers have won two road games over the 1-2 Panthers and the 1-2 Bears, the Bills have outdone them by beating the Patriots and Raiders, even if they won at home.

The best 2-1 team is the Ravens, and the best 1-2 team is the Bengals. I'm also looking ahead for each team, and the Bengals have a very favorable schedule ahead, plus they're playing good football. Football Outsiders has them ranked at No. 11 overall.

As I pointed out in my article, while no lead is too big for them to squander, the Vikings are still the best of the 0-3 teams for a couple reasons. First, the Vikings did at least have three late game leads. Also, the rest of the 0-3 teams are really bad. From Washington

They couldn’t close out the win in any of those games, but they’re competitive. Adrian Peterson is still a great running back, and they’re getting after the quarterback with Jared Allen and Brian Robison