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Ryan Grant On His Injury Against The Bears

Getty Images

RB Ryan Grant spoke with WSSP in Milwaukee after the Green Bay Packers defeated the Chicago Bears. One of the first topics they discussed was his injury. From Sports Radio Interviews:

I feel fine. I have been walking around. I finished the game and everything. We really don’t know any details right now. Like I said I feel fine. It wasn’t really anything major to it — just precautionary I guess. We’ll get some more information from the doctors on some tests later on this week

I'm glad he's feeling fine, and appears to be toughing it out, but he was in a lot of pain on the sideline. I thought he cracked a rib when he got tackled by a defender on each side of his rib cage while he was running forward. I'm not really optimistic after reading that he's got more medical tests scheduled. We'll find out by the end of the week.