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Packers Preview: Looking Ahead To The Broncos

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Is there a more popular backup quarterback in the NFL than Tim Tebow? Based on the Denver Broncos ambiguous depth chart, Tebow might actually be the most popular 3rd string QB in the NFL. Any Bronco fan thinking that Tebow is the answer to all the team's problem must have no idea how bad the rest of the team is playing right now.

The Green Bay Packers are currently favored by 13 to 14 points for good reason. While the Packers are ranked highly in most major categories except passing yards allowed, the Broncos are ranked poorly across the board. According to, the Broncos are ranked 24th in QB rating, and 27th with only 3.2 yards per carry. On defense, they're ranked 30th with a 106.8 quarterback rating against. Their run defense is near league average with a 3.7 yards per carry against.

Despite these problems, the 1-2 Broncos were only outscored by 3 points in each of their losses, with a close 2 point victory over the Bengals

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