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Who Might The Packers Sign To Fill Out The Roster

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S Nick Collins is listed on Wednesday's injury report for the Green Bay Packers because he's still on the roster. He remains out for the season, but the Packers haven't found a good use for his roster spot yet.

Adding depth to replace Collins would seem like an obvious solution, especially since the Packers don't seem to thrilled at the idea of starting top backup M.D. Jennings. I'm not surprised they didn't show any interest in ex-Packer defensive back Brandon Underwood, and they'll likely have less interest because he'll have to serve a two game suspension.

The Packers didn't make a big push to add any player this week. They only brought in one player for a tryout on Tuesday: ex-Packer OL Tony Moll. Despite the absence of Collins, it looks like they're more interested in adding depth on the offensive line in case RT Bryan Bulaga is forced to miss a couple games with a bruised knee.