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Cheesestradamus Week 4: Packers vs. Broncos

Look out, everybody. Here comes Football Jesus.
Look out, everybody. Here comes Football Jesus.

Week 4 is nearly upon us, and as we wrap up the first quarter of the NFL season, we find a logjam at the top of the Cheesestradamus standings. four players are within 3 points of the lead, and another 13 are as few as 7 points back. Will this be the week that someone stands out from the pack and takes a commanding lead?

This week, in addition to your usual predictions, you'll also be guessing which Packers LB will record the most tackles, how many receiving yards Greg Jennings will record, Aaron Rodgers' passer rating, and the total number of penalties called against the Packers. Partial credit details can be found after the jump, and see the Week 1 post for any questions about the rules.

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Partial credit will be awarded for four questions this week. You'll have the usual rules for the Packers' and Broncos' scores. For Rodgers' passer rating, we'll follow the same rules as before: +/- 2.5 off the actual rating will earn you the full 3 points, +/- 5 will get you two points, and +/- 7.5 will get you a single point. EDIT: When guessing Greg Jennings' receiving yardage, we'll go with this: +/- 3 yards off the actual total will get you your 3 points, +/- 6 yards will get you two, and +/- 9 yards will earn you one.

Here are your current standings after three weeks:

Good luck this week, and stay cheesy!