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Packers Roster: The Backs and Tight Ends

The Green Bay Packers kept a combined total of 11 players at quarterback, running back, full back, and tight end. While they might have kept as many as 13 players at these combined positions in 2010, they apparently wanted to keep fewer players at these positions, and more depth elsewhere on the roster. I expect they'll add a couple backups for these spots once they organize their practice squad.

Quarterback: Aaron Rodgers and Matt Flynn stay, Graham Harrell is released. Harrell had a big game against the Cardinals, but a QB rating under 70 in his other three preseason games. I expect he'll be signed on the practice squad.

Running back: Ryan Grant, James Starks, and Alex Green stay. Dimitri Nance and Brandon Saine are released. The Packers didn't feature any running back much this preseason, but went a little bit more run heavy against the Chiefs. And neither Nance or Saine shined. I think both are still eligible for the practice squad, and I wouldn't be surprised to see either of them return.

Full back: John Kuhn stays, Jon Hoese and Quinn Johnson (trade) are gone. Hoese was a real long shot, and I'm not expecting him back. Johnson I expected would stay, but the Packers apparently feel fine with only one full back and are probably happy to get a draft pick for him from the Titans.

Tight ends: Jermichael Finley, Andrew Quarless, Tom Crabtree, D.J. Williams, and Ryan Taylor all stay. I would have been very surprised if either Quarless or Crabtree had been released (they had both played well this preseason). Williams played well early, but struggled in the last couple preseason games. Apparently he has too much potential to allow to leave. When training camp opened, I thought Taylor might be a candidate for the practice squad, but he's played well (a big receiving game against the Colts) and he probably wouldn't have slipped through waivers. 

Overall, it's a mild surprise that Johnson was traded (he wasn't the full back of the future if they re-signed Kuhn to a big money deal), but otherwise this remaining group was to be expected.