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The NFL Fines Again: Walden Fined For Hit On Cutler

I'm not surprised that the Green Bay Packers received a fine for a roughing passer penalty on QB Jay Cutler. The NFL has been upping the fines for a couple seasons now, so it doesn't really matter whether it was justified. If the flag was thrown, I'm expecting the fine to follow. Here's how the hit was described by the Press-Gazette:

Walden’s shoulder hit what appeared to be Cutler’s shoulder while outside linebacker Clay Matthews was tackling the quarterback.

So Walden gets the fine because his hit was higher than Matthews? Why didn't Matthews get fined instead? More from the Press-Gazette:

Walden said the notification of the fine said the hit was in the area of Cutler’s head.

I thought the flag was thrown because the combined hit by Walden and Matthews whipped Cutler's head back. If this is all being done for player safety, I don't see what Walden could have done other than not hit anyone.