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Trade Rumors: Aaron Curry To The Packers

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There was a rumor floated that the Green Bay Packers could be interested in trading for recently benched Seahawks LB Aaron Curry. From SB Nation Seattle:

With Curry now potentially being dealt, Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that the Packers could be potential suitors to help shore up their defensive front seven.

The Seahawks dumped former first round pick Lawrence Jackson for a sixth round pick, so they might not ask too much for Curry either. There's a couple reasons why the Seahawks might give up on Curry. First, he was drafted before Pete Carroll came to town, so he's not his guy. That'll make it much easier for them to give up on him. Second, the Seahawks have changed defensive schemes often in his brief NFL career, and Curry might not be a good fit with the current one.

The way the Seahawks restructured his contract back in August means that Curry can be cut free after this season with few consequences. The Packers should have the salary cap room available in 2011, even after the extension for RG Josh Sitton, to make this work if they want to. Whether they want to is probably something they already know. I'm sure the Packers extensively scouted Curry back in 2009 when he was a top prospect and the Packers had the No. 9 overall pick.

My guess is that Curry would be like a bigger version of LB Brad Jones. Or a faster version of LB Erik Walden. I'm not worried about throwing a new linebacker into the mix mid-season because the Packers did a good job working Walden into the lineup last season under similar circumstances. And there could be a big upside after Curry spends a few weeks getting coached up by Kevin Greene.

What do you think?