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Packers Roster: The Offensive Line Only Keeps Eight Players

One of the moves that surprised me was that the Green Bay Packers only kept eight offensive lineman when I thought they would keep 9 or 10. GM Ted Thompson and the Packers front office are very good, but they haven't been good at keeping the offensive line deep with quality rookies or veterans. And it showed up in their last preseason game against the Chiefs

The five starters: Chad Clifton, T.J. Lang, Scott Wells, Josh Sitton, and Bryan Bulaga. There are no problems with the starters, and all of them appear as healthy as they are going to be for the start of the season.

The three backups: Derek Sherrod, Evan Dietrich-Smith, Marshall Newhouse. As their first round pick, Sherrod was a lock to earn a roster spot, though he's struggled (and struggled against the Chiefs) as a backup left tackle. Newhouse too has struggled all preseason at right tackle. Dietrich-Smith has played well as a backup center and left guard, and he deserves a roster spot.

The recent released (and traded): Chris Campbell, Ray Dominguez, Sampson Genus, Nick McDonald, and Caleb Schlauderaff (traded to the Jets). Campbell has been hurt for most of training camp, but I thought they might keep him on I.R. Dominguez, Genus, and Schlauderaff were three in a collection of guards that didn't show any special skills as run or pass blockers, though all three had seemed to be improving.

On the other hand, McDonald was just getting worse. He played well last season and (ironically) beat out Dietrich-Smith for a roster spot. After a brief stint with the Seahawks, Dietrich-Smith returned to the Packers as an injury replacement. McDonald struggled against the Chiefs with a botched shotgun snap (while at center) that led to a safety, and at least one false start penalty at guard. I was expecting him to step forward as a solid backup this preseason, but instead he took a big step back, and even lost his roster spot.

I get the feeling the Packers will do something more here. They'll certainly pick up one offensive lineman for the practice squad, but it wouldn't be a surprised if they signed someone for the active roster too later in the season.