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Packers Sign Eight: Wide Receiver Heavy Practice Squad

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The Green Bay Packers announced that they've signed eight players to the practice squad. The list includes eight familiar names because they were all players that were released on Saturday. From

Signed to the practice squad were WR Diondre Borel, T/G Ray Dominguez, C Sampson Genus, WR Tori Gurley, QB Graham Harrell, CB Brandian Ross, RB Brandon Saine and WR Chastin West.

I liked all three wide receivers they re-signed, but they usually spread those spots around the roster. Instead of carrying an emergency fullback, defensive lineman, or linebacker, they'll have three extra players at receiver. 

I was a little worried about depth on the offensive line, they've only kept eight offensive lineman, but Dominguez and Genus add more depth and help them field a complete first team and scout team for practices. 

I'm really surprised Saine made the practice squad instead of Dimitri Nance, but I'm not sure how many games Nance was active with the Falcons. He might not be eligible for the practice squad anymore. Saine has more upside anyway.

I'm really glad they were able to keep Ross. He made some plays this preseason and could be really good in a couple years.

If you take away the Cardinals game and the last minute against the Colts, Harrell struggled this preseason. I can see he's improving, but he wasn't good enough to justify an active roster spot. This is a good place for him, and he'll be a good option next year to replace Matt Flynn as the backup.