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Rookie Vic So'oto Is Out For The Saints

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I had just responded to some questions from Canal Street Chronicles, telling Dave to watch for undrafted rookie LB Vic So'oto, the star this preseason. While he's not starting, I expected he would take some snaps on defense as a sub for Clay Matthews or Erik Walden.

Instead he'll be watching his first NFL game from the sidelines according to Mike McCarthy. From the Press-Gazette:

So’oto: Vic hurt his back in the weight room and it flared up after practice yesterday. We rested him today and he will be out for the game.

Also, it's not certain whether DE Mike Neal will be ready. 

The Saints are dealing with a notable injury too. Via Pro Football Talk is a report that WR Lance Moore might not be available on Thursday night. He's not an elite wide receiver, but he's a receiver I was worried about. Every so often he has a huge game, and I didn't want him to get hot against the Packers.