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Josh Sitton Is Paid Like He's One Of The Best

The Green Bay Packers announced over the weekend that they had signed RG Josh Sitton to a contract extension, and I predicted the following:

Often the Packers sign players for the same amount per year as comparable players, but less in guaranteed money. 

And that's pretty much what happened according to the Press-Gazette. One such comparable player was Patriots G Logan Mankins, and Sitton received a $6 million signing bonus (compared to $20 million for Mankins) and $26.15 million over the first three years (compared to $30.5 million over three for Mankins).

It's a comparable deal, with more money later, and a slight discount because Sitton hasn't been playing for as many seasons. It's a fair deal for someone who's been playing great for the past two seasons. At $5.825 million annually over the next six seasons, it's slightly more per season than LG Daryn Colledge's new contract with the Cardinals for a superior player.