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Ask Canal Street Chronicles - About The Saints Offense

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To know more about the New Orleans Saints, I asked some questions to one of the biggest Saints fans on the web: Dave at Canal Street Chronicles. The Saints had a potent offense in 2010, but it wasn't as highly rated as you might expect (No. 11 overall according to Football Outsiders) as QB Drew Brees committed a lot of turnovers and the running game struggled with injuries to RB Pierre Thomas and RB Reggie Bush. Here's what he had to say about their offense coming into 2011.

Q: The Saints have a deep group of receivers and tight ends, but who is their best, most dangerous receiver right now?

A: They definitely have a deep group of receivers, but I wouldn't say exactly the same about the tight end position. That being said, I think tight end Jimmy Graham is quickly becoming the offenses most dangerous pass catcher and Drew Brees' favorite target. He's seems to be a gifted athlete with natural talent after picking up the game his senior year of college. Packers fans will definitely want to keep their eye on Graham. 

Q: What is the current situation with the Saints running game? Is Pierre Thomas's ankle all better, or is he injury prone now? Did Mark Ingram get a chance to show off this preseason?

A: The Saints running game is looking awesome right now. This is the most excited I have ever been about their running back corps. Pierre Thomas is healthy and doing what he does best. Mark Ingram has looked incredible in preseason for a rookie and will definitely see some action on Thursday. Darren Sproles is simply a better version of Reggie Bush. Joique Bell surprised everyone with some impressive running and hurdled his way onto the final roster. With a dependable running game to rely on, Drew Brees should be even more effective. Be very afraid.   

Q: What are your thoughts on the Sean Payton extension. Just a no-brainer? They should have done it a year ago?

A: It's definitely a no-brainer from the organization's standpoint. He's the best coach in Saints history and he's still good at what he does. There's certainly no reason why they couldn't have done it last year. From statements Payton has made, however, I get the impression that he plans to stay in New Orleans only as long as Drew Brees is the quarterback and is still playing at a high level. When that ceases to be the case, I think Payton's out of here.