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Ask Canal Street Chronicles - About The Saints Defense

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There have been some changes on the New Orleans Saints defense as they look to improve, and move past a bad playoff loss against the Seahawks. Once again, I asked Canal Street Chronicles for some insight.

Q: The Saints made a lot of changes on the defensive line, with Shaun Rogers and Aubrayo Franklin added in free agency, and Cameron Jordan in the first round. I'm not sure how Franklin's doing after injuring his MCL, and Will Smith is out due to suspension, so what can we expect from the Saints defensive line on Thursday?

A: To be honest, I'm really not expecting amazing things. Cameron Jordan hasn't impressed me much, Aubrayo Franklin has been dealing with an injury most of the preseason and I don't think I've yet to see Shaun Rogers at full speed. Things could all come together on Thursday night, of course, which would be great. Where the Packers may have some trouble is in the complex blitzing schemes of defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Different fronts and pressure from all different angles. Even with mediocre talent, that can cause problems. 

Q: The Saints pass defense had a bad, bad day against the Seahawks in the playoffs, but I thought injuries were a big part of the problem. There weren't many changes in the secondary, so what's different, looking better, for them now?

A: Yeah, that was bad, wasn't it? I think you're exactly right though, injuries were a big part of their poor performance. Namely, the absence of defensive leader Malcolm Jenkins at free safety. It seems when he's not playing, the rest of the secondary run around like chickens with their heads cut off...and who can't tackle. Other than that, the Saints starting secondary should be the same. They're perhaps a little deeper this year at cornerback but they're scary thing at safety. I'm afraid...I'm very afraid.