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Thursday Night Football: Saints at Packers Links

I don't have a point-by-point preview of the 2011 NFL season opener on Thursday night football between the Saints and Green Bay Packers. It's hard to predict based on preseason games alone, and last season is more of a distant memory than proof of future success. Here are a few links from the past week.

Saints at Packers: Pre-Game Injury Report - Acme Packing Company. Injuries shouldn't hold either team back.

The Packers Opponent: A Look At The 2011 Saints - Acme Packing Company. My look at what the Saints had problems in 2010 with and where the Packers might attack.

Ask Canal Street Chronicles - About The Saints Offense - Acme Packing Company

Ask Canal Street Chronicles - About The Saints Defense - Acme Packing Company

Then I asked Dave over at Canal Street Chronicles about the Saints. Their running game might be more dangerous than I expected (now featuring former Packer FB Korey Hall as their lead blocker) and their secondary might be worse than I expected.