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SB Nation: 2011 NFL Season Preview

Over at SB Nation, Andrew Sharp has written an NFL season preview that calls the Green Bay Packers "terrifying" as in they're are going to dominate all over again in 2011. He also mentioned a story that I had missed earlier about how Roger Goodell has become a self-parody with arbitrary conduct enforcement policies. From SB Nation:

Really, the Packers offense lost the NFC's answer to Antonio Gates, and proceeded to finish with a top five passing game and Super Bowl rings for everyone. (Related: Did you know that Roger Goodell sent Jermichael Finley a letter telling him to cut down on trash talk? When are they going to make pedantic Roger Goodell memos a part of Madden 2011?)

A couple other NFC North teams got mentioned as must-not-watch football:

If there's any team in the NFL that has a right to keep bitching about the new kickoff rule for the entire season, it's the Chicago Bears. Do you remember any Chicago Bears highlight from the past four years that didn't involve Devin Hester? He accounted for like, 50 percent of what made Chicago dangerous in close games. Throw in an aging defense that could be prone to injuries, the poisonous presence of Roy Williams, and... Yeah, just avoid Bears games this year. 

Also, that other NFC North team that seems to be leaning towards relocation in California:

So not only do Vikings fans have to root for an aging 7-9 team, but they get to spend the entire season wondering whether the team will move to L.A. in 115 days.

Here's to hoping a deal gets done, because the Vikings belong in Minnesota, and any fanbase that suffers through Favre and McNabb in consecutive years has clearly suffered enough.