A Viking Fan Appealing To Packer Fans? Yep.

Quick introduction. If you don’t know, I am a contributing writer over at the Daily Norseman. (I’m the good one. DON’T TELL THEM I SAID THAT!)

As of course you’re all darn well aware, the Vikings are at a bit of a… troublesome spot, stadium-wise. This is no sob story nor am I bothering getting into details- I’m sure you all know them already.

What I am doing… is appealing to some of you for help. That’s right. See, there’s a famous part of Packers-Bears history, where George Halas scooted over to Green Bay and gave his public support for the building of Lambeau Field. Why? Because Halas loved the rivalry, and did not want to see it leave. (He also considered it a good thing for the burgeoning NFL as a whole.)

The one thing that binds rivals… is the desire for the rivalry. Let me pause for a second and clarify two things. One- let’s be up front here, this isn’t really a ‘kumbaya’ moment. I’m not jerking anyone’s chains here, I’m rooting for Aaron Rodgers to break INT records this season. And I’m not really expecting anyone here to cross their fingers for McNabb to break TD records, either. Two- I get it, some of you hate the Vikings and Minnesota so much you’d love to see them leave just so the fanbase suffers. That’s cool(ish), in as much as this is your place and your right. If that’s your feeling, I’m not going to start a flame war here or anything- I’m a guest.

But I do know that many of you, and I might dare say the majority even, want the Vikings to stick around, ‘cuz we’re so much darn fun to root against. If the shoe was on the other foot, I would be very opposed to the Packers taking off for anywhere that would take them out of the NFC North- hey, you guys are so much darn fun to root against (except when you win Super Bowls, dangit).

So here’s the deal. I recently posted an article over at the Daily Norseman that outlines how people outside of the state of Minnesota can lend a helping hand to the cause of keeping the Vikings in-state: your out-of-state money. No, I’m not asking for donations or anything crazy like that. Rather, I’m promoting a writing campaign to both key legislators as well as the Minnesota Tourism Department, where out-of-state folks can inform them that without the Vikings, Minnesota won’t be seeing their out-of-state money.

I know some of you make a trip once a season into Minnesota. And I also know that without the Vikings, many of you are going to Minnesota anyways- visiting relatives, trips, whatever. But, without the Vikings, that’s still one key day there that Minnesota’s not seeing any of your money- be it if you buy food there, fill up your gas tanks, purchase copious amounts of alcohol to drown your sorrows when we beat you (sorry, couldn’t resist), whatever.

You’d think that lawmakers and the Minnesota media would be smart enough to get that- but it seems that’s not the case. Or if it is, maybe they’re underestimating that. So- if you’re a Packer fan who ever goes to Minnesota to catch the annual Vike-Pack matchup there, and if you’re a Packer fan who would like to keep that tradition alive, please check out the article here and consider lending your support.

That’s all folks. Thanks, and I genuinely mean that, to all of you who do join onboard. And BTW, if you’re the type that feels that Minnesota would never let the Vikings actually leave… many of us disagree with you, unfortunately. A letter can take five minutes to write, and the postage is less than a dollar, so please consider a ‘just in case’ shot.

Plus, the USPS could use your support right now, too.

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