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On The Giants: What They Did Back In 2008 and Against The Falcons

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540 ESPN Milwaukee - 01/08/12 Giant killers? Only 16 players remain from the 53 who played for the Green Bay Packers in their last home playoff game against the Giants in 2008. Also, it should be cold next Sunday, but not the minus 3 (minus 24 wind chill) it was during that NFC Championship game. And this time, Mike McCarthy won't want to bench his starting quarterback.

Re-Focused: Falcons @ Giants, Wild Card Round | Here's what the Giants did right against the Falcons. Eli Manning was completing passes even when he was under pressure. The GIants defense line was great against a pretty weak Falcons offensive line. And the Giants running game came to life. I'm not sure what the Packers defense can do better than the Falcons defense, but at least they'll have all their cornerbacks healthy. The Falcons were without Brett Grimes, their best cornerback, last week and it surely made a difference (see, big game by Hakeem Nicks).

One other big point was that the Giants had no turnovers against the Falcons. The Packers lead the NFL with 31 interceptions, and finished No. 2 overall (the 49ers were No. 1) with a +24 net turnover margin. Clay Matthews returned an interception for a touchdown the last time he faced Eli Manning. A key to defeating the Giants will be to force turnovers.