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In Oakland: Reggie McKenzie Is In As GM and Hue Jackson Is Out As Coach

Hue Jackson Fired Only Hours Before Reggie McKenzie's Introductory Press Conference - The last time I looked at, the now former director of football operations for the Green Bay Packers, Reggie McKenzie, was still listed on the team's website. But he'll be taking over immediately in Oakland and he's already made his mark on the Raiders.

I thought McKenzie would keep Hue Jackson as coach for the 2012 season and decide his future after he had a chance to work with him. It seemed unlikely he'd last into 2013, barring a great season by the Raiders, but he apparently made that impossible after his post-season comments and call for more power.

New GMs usually like to bring in their own guy as the head coach, but McKenzie apparently knew right away that it would be difficult for them to co-exist. It didn't help that under Jackson's one season as head coach, the Raiders were as undisciplined as ever with a late season collapse. And once again they lead the league in penalties.

Packers assistant head Winston Moss has already been rumored for the job because of his Green Bay ties and he's interviewed for the job in the past. Oakland has had problems finding good coaching candidates in the past because of Al Davis. The hiring of McKenzie might really turn this perception around as the Raiders become a more professional organization.