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Washington Post: My First Preview of the Giants At The Packers

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Giants vs. Packers: Can New York pull the upset? - The League - The Washington Post. In my latest post at The League, I compared the 2010 Green Bay Packers to the 2011 New York Giants. In each season, they were the last teams in the NFC to secure a playoff spot. The Packers went onto win three straight playoff road games. The Giants have won their first playoff game at home, but now have to win on the road. There are some similarities, but these are two very different teams.

While the 2010 Packers led the NFC in scoring margin at +148 (which proved they were better than their 10-6 record) the 2011 Giants were outscored by their opponents during the regular season by 6 points (which proved they were closer to an 8-8 team than 9-7). In 2011, the Packers scoring margin was even better +201, and they were also much better at Lambeau where they scored on average 40 points per game.

NFL Playoffs: Packers, Saints On Upset Watch In Divisional Round - So when I read upset alerts that think the Giants can win at Lambeau, I can't believe it. The Packers defense has had problems throughout the year, and the Giants offense should present a challenge, but the Packers offense has rolled over every opponent they've faced. The offense only struggled against the Chiefs, but that looks like a one game fluke. In their two home games following that loss, they scored 80 points against the Bears and Lions. And those are two very good defensive teams.

You can never look past any opponent, especially in the playoffs, but there's no reason that the Packers should be extremely confident this Sunday.