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The Raiders Heart Winston Moss

Report: Moss frontrunner to be Raiders' coach | National Football Post. The article mentions that no coach for the Green Bay Packers can be interviewed until the playoffs are over. The problem for the top assistant coaches is that when their current team is on a long playoff run, it means their potential new employers will have to wait. And many teams don't feel they can wait to fill their vacancies.

Maybe that's a not problem in this case. If Packers assistant head coach/inside linebackers coach Winston Moss is the frontrunner in Oakland, it's because new Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie has been working with Moss for years in Green Bay. I doubt a formal interview would change his perception.

I'm not sure what to make of the possible departure of Winston Moss. He's not in charge of the defense, that would be Dom Capers job, and I'm not sure of the backstory as to why Moss was kept in 2009 when all the other defensive coaches were fired. Or how he came to have the title of assistant head coach. Certainly Mike McCarthy's confidence in Moss played some roll in the decision.

Does that mean Moss would make a good head coach, or that the Packers could afford to lose him?