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Cheesestradamus Season In Review

Thanks a lot, Matt Flynn. You made it almost impossible for me to sift through bonus predictions in week 17.
Thanks a lot, Matt Flynn. You made it almost impossible for me to sift through bonus predictions in week 17.

EDIT: Cheesetradamus has moved for the 2012 season!

After a two-week hiatus in which I was able to regroup and grade some papers (by which I mean your bonus predictions), we finally have our results from the second half of the Cheesestradamus season. With an unbelievable performance in the double entry Week 17, your second half winner is:


Who is this person, you ask? Well, this is just the person who put up the single-week record of 16 points in the Lions-Packers entry, and added on 6 points in the Across the NFL entry to come from one point back to win the second half by a staggering 5 points. And that's with 2nd-place finisher Swenny916 getting good performances of 6 and 10 respectively. Please extend your congratulations to Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. Power, as he/she will be the recipient of a gift card to the Packers Pro Shop (courtesy of our benevolent leader, Brandon).

Your results can be found after the jump.

Oh, and just for the hell of it, let's do a Cheesestradamus contest for the Giants-Packers playoff game. No gift cards will be on the line during the playoffs, but enjoy the contest anyway.

UPDATE: Click here to enter the Cheesestradamus contest for the Divisonal Round playoff game between the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers

Overall Standings

Week 17 Lions-Packers Results

Packers' score: 45
Lions' score: 41
First TD: Jordy Nelson
Leading receiver: Jordy Nelson
Team rushing yards: 81
Receivers: 8
Matt Flynn entrance: 15:00 of first quarter
Bonuses: Yikes. There were so many Matt Flynn-related bonuses that I couldn't think. Some of the better non-Flynn bonuses:
Vic So'oto records a sack (stratefaced)
Tens of seconds digit of clock is 0 or 1 at time of first score (Packer Logician)
Sam Shields has an INT (unclemoxie, sydwyndyr)
There will be a lead change in the 4th quarter (frathard)
Jarrett Bush picks off Matthew Stafford (Dobin226)

Week 17 Across the NFL Results

Highest-scoring teams: #1 New England, #2 (tie) Atlanta and New Orleans
Lowest-scoring teams: #1 Denver, #2 Kansas City, #3 Cleveland
Most rushing yards: Ray Rice, Baltimore
Most receiving yards: Victor Cruz, New York Giants
Highest passer ratings: #1 Drew Brees, #2 Eli Manning, #3 Philip Rivers
Home team wins: 9
Longest offensive TD: 81 (Michael Turner rush)
Playoff seeding: #1 GB #2 SF #3 NO #4 NYG #5 ATL #6 DET