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What's The Best Way To Stop Aaron Rodgers?

NFL Divisional Playoffs: Five things to watch | National Football Post. The Giants pass rush.

Giants Vs. Packers: Five Things To Watch - Big Blue View. Point number one is the Giants pass rush.

I don't think the Giants need to pressure Aaron Rodgers to win the game. It doesn't hurt, but he's been flushed out of the pocket by multiple teams and made plays anyway. He's watched the pocket collapse around him and he still completes passes. It certainly doesn't hurt to force him out of the pocket, but I don't think it's the key to the game.

The Giants will need to avoid turnovers, and their linebackers and defensive backs are going to have to play tight coverage. When the Packers lost to the Chiefs, the receivers were challenged all game long and they dropped passes. Rodgers is used to making quick decisions, but he rarely makes bad decisions. The Giants are going to have to focus on taking away his options. When I was asked about it earlier this season, I said that opponents can't focus on Rodgers, and the same still applies. They have to focus on beating his teammates, and that's what I think the Chiefs were able to do.

However, based on their last two games against the Giants, I don't think the Giants are up to the task.