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The Playoff Loss Shouldn't Impact Roster Decisions

Getty Images | Green Bay Packers | Insiders Blog " Driver puts the ball in the Packers’ court. I don't know if their playoff loss was the last game that Donald Driver will play for the Green Bay Packers. But he's currently due $5 million in total for the 2012 season, and that's too high. He's unlikely to find $5 million per season from any other team, and he was still a useful part of their offense in 2011, so it would seem they'd be able to agree on a reasonable contract for next season.

Some players like Ryan Grant took a pay cut before last season to stay. Several other players were released or allowed to leave in free agency last summer for various reasons. I think Daryn Colledge wasn't pursued in free agency because he cost too much, but other players were let go (like the immortal Justin Harrell) because they didn't deserve to be on the roster.

The Packers will have some tough decisions to make, and they certainly have to make some changes on defense. But that would have been the case whether they won or lost on Sunday. I don't think they're going to change their philosophy based on one game, no matter how hard this hits them. I'm expecting they'll do their usual push to keep the players they decide are worth keeping, and I don't except them to make any rash decisions after this loss.