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What's Been On My Mind Since The Packers Lost

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On Sunday, during and after the Green Bay Packers lost to the Giants, it felt like a bad dream come to life. I kept having to remind myself that the loss indeed happened. The fans weren't the only ones that couldn't believe it. I didn't recognize that offense that stepped on the field (missed completions, dropped passes, turnovers) but unfortunately that defense looked far too familiar.

It's been over 24 hours and I'm starting to feel normal again. I'm still not quite ready to go into full-time offseason mode (free agency, the draft, etc.) but I can see it on the horizon.

I can't imagine rooting for the Giants next weekend, but it's hard to fault a team for making fewer mistakes. The Giants deserved to win the game and they made all the plays without all the mistakes. But the Packers took themselves out of it by screwing something up on every possession.

The Giants have now won the last two playoff games played at Lambeau Field, and there's nothing that can take the sting out of it. But if you're looking at the all-time scoreboard: we got Vince Lombardi from them. That still puts the Packers ahead in my book.

This is a team built for long-term success though I expect some changes. If they brought everyone back, they'd still be a lock for a playoff berth and a favorite for a trip to the Super Bowl in 2013 (road trip to New Orleans!!!). Based on what they've accomplished over the past few offseasons, I expect they'll be even better in 2012. Give them a high score in the fan confidence poll.