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On Mike Neal and Coaching Interviews

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Getty Images | Green Bay Packers | Insiders Blog " Neal hopes month off will heal knee. So what he really needs is a month off, but that wasn't serious enough to be reported on the injury report? Does anyone expect he'll have a future with the team? Can he make through an entire season healthy?

Philbin still drawing interest, but others wait - JSOnline. You would think some of the shine has come off after their playoff loss. However, I remember meeting Winston Moss at the Super Bowl. He's a commanding person. That alone wouldn't make him a great head coach, but he'd certainly come across as a strong candidate in an interview.

Tom Clements will interview with Bucs | ProFootballTalk. I wouldn't make too much of this. Tampa seems to be interviewing anyone they can get their hands on.

Bucs want to interview Joe Philbin | ProFootballTalk. It's not yet clear he'll accept the interview. It's understandable that family concerns will weigh heavy on whether he'd even want to make a move.