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The Packers Hall of Fame To Welcome Mike Holmgren

Green Bay Packers news | Holmgren to be inducted into Packers Hall of Fame | Green Bay Press Gazette. I'm not surprised. There aren't many head coaches who have won Super Bowls with the Green Bay Packers. It was only a matter of time. Were they waiting to make sure he was retired from coaching?

It was a major move when the Packers hired him in 1992. He had been the 49ers offensive coordinator at a time when the 49ers organization was the best in the NFL. Two Super Bowl appearances later, he was obviously a good hire.

I can't say I blamed him when he left. He was in a position where he could take complete control of a franchise. But I disliked that it was essentially a choice between him and GM Ron Wolf. I'm glad they kept Wolf over Holmgren, but then Wolf had to go and retire a couple years later. And it led to the frustrating Mike Sherman era.

Unfortunately for Holmgren, he wasn't too good at being a GM. The Seahawks demoted him to head coach only within a couple of years. That made the Browns decision to hire him as team president in 2009 a little strange. The Browns have only won 9 games in the past two seasons.

He's a worthy addition to the Packers Hall of Fame, and it's about time he's been inducted.