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Ryan Grant On The Packers Loss To The Giants

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Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " Ryan Grant on Key Fumble in Packers Loss to Giants: "It was terrible. I apologize across the board because it’s hard man." As you can gather from the quote above, Ryan Grant is still a little shocked by the Green Bay Packers loss to the Giants. From the interview:

We didn’t play our game. We didn’t play our ball. Like I said I don’t even remember the last time since I have been here where we had game where there was 9 drops and 3 turnovers.

One of the things I've always liked about him is that he rarely fumbles. He said "I'm very big on ball security" and it shows because he's only had 5 fumbles in 63 regular season games (924 rushing attempts).

But this was the second playoff game in his career in which he's fumbled. He had two fumbles early in the divisional playoff game against the Seahawks back in 2008. Now he's had 3 fumbles in 59 playoff rushing attempts.

I've got no explanation for it, but it's a curious stat.