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Randall Cobb Is The Best Rookie Kick Returner

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Cobb named to all-rookie team as kick returner - JSOnline. It's been a great season for Green Bay Packers rookie WR Randall Cobb. Early on, it was either feast or famine. He had a kick return for a touchdown in the opener, but then he fumbled a return the next week. He ended the season with 3 kickoff returns for more than 40 yards including a touchdown, and 3 punt returns of 40 yards and another touchdown. For a special teams unit that had struggled badly during the previous three seasons, he was a fantastic addition.

While he didn't play a big role in the offense, he was very effective when he got on the field. It helped that they didn't ask a lot of him, but he should be able to take on an expanded role next season. He may even force his way on the field.

The Packers may have to make a decision about Donald Driver this offseason. I was surprised he wasn't asked to take a pay cut before last season. That might be acceptable to him so long as he feels it's fair and he can't do better elsewhere. This isn't a straight up decision between Cobb and Driver. All the wide receivers, excluding Tori Gurley, are already under contract for next season. If they can work it out with Driver, there should be room for all of them in 2012.

But maybe it is just time to move on. Gurley may be an acceptable No. 5 wide receiver and Driver's departure would still leave them with four receivers that are good enough to start. What do you think?