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The Packers Will Draft At No. 28 Overall

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BBAO: NFC North draft order - NFC North Blog - ESPN. One thing that's been set by the Green Bay Packers loss to the Giants is that they'll be picking No. 28 overall.

Every mock draft I've read over the past several weeks, such as the most recent one from SB Nation, has them drafting a defensive lineman. I really don't want them to get too focused on one position. It's hard to predict the bottom of the 1st round. This seems to be a talented draft pool, but sometimes you have to go with the only player left above your first round line, as the Packers did in 2005 when they drafted Aaron Rodgers.

In more recent years, they seemed pretty ecstatic when Bryan Bulaga was still available with the No. 23 overall pick, and that's worked out pretty well. While they had a need at tackle, they had just re-signed Clifton and Tauscher, so it wasn't essential to draft one.

Let's hope there's a defensive player available with a first round grade when they draft next April.