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Aaron Rodgers Was The Most Valuable Rusher Of The Week

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Divisional Round Quick Reads. There isn't much new information here on the Green Bay Packers offense. While the offense had their worst game of the season, it still wasn't nearly as bad as the performances by T.J. Yates and TIm Tebow. But there were a couple of interesting side notes.

While the Giants were taking away the deep pass, they were letting Aaron Rodgers run free. He ran the ball seven times for six first downs, and it made him the best runner in any playoff game last weekend.

While the Giants offense had their way through the air in the first half, they weren't able to get TE Jake Ballard involved. Football Outsiders had him ranked as their 6th best TE of 2011, so it was surprising. Also, the Packers defense isn't known for their shutdown play on tight ends. Ballard ended the game with only 1 reception on the 8 attempts.