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SB Nation Officially Opposes SOPA

If you've been to Google's main page, or to Wikipedia, you'd see there's a protest today on the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). While we aren't taking the same visible measures here at SB Nation or Acme Packing Company, our parent company, Vox Media, opposes the proposed law too. From SB Nation:

Vox Media may find our domain names to be the subject of an in rem lawsuit as a result of users posting unlawful video clips. We may find that payment providers proactively turn off payment accounts for any sites that have been the subject of a recent copyright claim, however frivolous. We may find that a service provider decides to redirect our domain names away from our content as a knee-jerk reaction to a single unsubstantiated complaint.

This is an unusual topic, I never stray into politics, but this is something that could shut down this website due to the actions of any member who were to post content they didn't own the rights to. There would be substantial changes at Acme Packing Company if this law were passed.