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Joe Philbin Is In The Running For The Dolphins Head Coaching Job

Miami Dolphins Coach Search Continues into Round Two - The Phinsider. Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin is apparently one of the finalists for the head coaching job in Miami. The other two finalists are current Dolphins interim head coach Todd Bowles, and Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy.

The Phinsider said a couple of anonymous sources questioned McCoy's ability to turn Tim Tebow into a pocket passer, which might indicate that McCoy is actually the front runner as those in favor of Philbin and Bowles try and knock him down. McCoy himself seems to believe he's the front runner since he pulled his name from consideration with the Raiders.

I have no idea whether the recent Philbin family tragedy has any impact on the Dolphins decision, but they may sour on him after the Packers surprising loss and offensive collapse against the Giants. While the Broncos did beat the Steelers, you might say the same thing about McCoy because of their lousy offensive performance against the Patriots.

I get the feeling this isn't Philbin's year to become a head coach. The Dolphins might announce their decision by Friday.