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Please Keep Charles Woodson At Cornerback

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Can Woodson make the transition to safety? | National Football Post. Green Bay Packers CB Charles Woodson is a smart player who would transition just fine if he were asked to move to safety. He'd have some growing pains, but I think they'd be short lived. However I'm not sure who started this discussion. Is this even something the Packers are seriously considering?

Defensive coordinator Dom Capers was hesitant to support the move because of Woodson's ability to play the run. For a defense that spends so much it's time in their nickel package, it's important to have a cornerback who's good in run support.

I don't want Woodson to be shifted to safety because I think he'd lose a lot of his big play ability. He led the league in interceptions last season, and many of those were within a few yards from the line of scrimmage. He's very good at jumping routes, though sometimes he guesses wrong. He'd certainly make some interceptions playing as a deep safety, but I think that number would decline. I'd rather he stay at cornerback.