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More On Matt Flynn, Chad Clifton and Ryan Pickett Return, and Their Next Playoff Game

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How do you bench Flynn after that performance?. The question is a joke by Vic Ketchman at He's pointing out that no Green Bay Packers quarterback has ever thrown for 480 yards in a single game, or thrown 6 touchdown passes in one either. Until Matt Flynn did it. Against a pretty good Lions defense. If that didn't earn Flynn the chance to start for some other team next season, nothing will.

Game notes: Clifton, Pickett pass their tests. The link also mentions that the only injury noted was to backup TE Ryan Taylor. As for the returning veterans, Chad Clifton had some struggles early, but that wasn't surprising since he was coming back from the long layoff. By the end of the first quarter, he looked about as good as he's looked at any point this season. I expect he'll be starting at left tackle in the playoffs. Ryan Pickett looked very active on the defensive line.

Packers will play on Sun., Jan. 15 at 3:30 p.m. - JSOnline. They'll play the last game on that weekend. So they'll have the longest layoff of any NFC playoff team.