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Brad Jones Adds To His Tackle Stats, Rodgers Calls The Plays, And Clifton Is The Starter

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Brad Jones takes down runaway fan - JSOnline. The complete video is at the link. I'm not sure why Brad Jones decided to stop that fan on the field, but it made for a great picture. While the defense struggled, Jones had his best game since 2009 with 5 tackles and 1 sack.

Rodgers had a say in Packers' victory - JSOnline. During the first half, Aaron Rodgers could be seen on the sidelines wearing a headset with a laminated play sheet in his hand. Tom Silverstein reported that Rodgers was talking with Matt Flynn while they ran the no-huddle early in the game. It was a bit surprising to see Flynn running the no-huddle to start off the game. Talk about taking the training wheels off early. I didn't see Rodgers wearing the headset during the second half.

Chad Clifton of Green Bay Packers to get starting job back in playoffs - ESPN. He looked good, not great, while playing about 25 snaps against the Lions. Based on what I saw on Sunday, I'm not surprised he got his starting job back.