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Bringing The Arena League to Green Bay: The Packers Sign Nick Hill

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Packers sign QB Nick Hill - JSOnline. The Green Bay Packers refuse to leave any stone unturned. They've signed Nick Hill out of the Arena Football League, where he's played since 2010. He's a southpaw, so he'd definitely stand out from the other quarterbacks.

He played college ball at Southern Illinois. But he failed to win a roster spot with the Bears after he signed with them as an undrafted free agent in 2008. He apparently hasn't drawn a lot of NFL interest since then.

In the weeks before free agency and the draft, the Packers have some roster spots available. Maybe they'll get a closer look at him in offseason workouts, but it's possible they release him in a month or two if they decide to sign an extra undrafted free agent. He might be able to spend sometime learning from Mike McCarthy, which couldn't hurt him going forward.

Here's some more information on him from NFL Draft Scout if you're interested.