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John Kuhn To Miss The Pro Bowl With A Sprained MCL

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Fullback Kuhn sprained MCL - JSOnline. Keeping track of the injuries for the Green Bay Packers hasn't been my biggest priority since their season is over. But I was worried about FB John Kuhn after he was injured late in their loss to the Giants.

He suffered an MCL sprain, and the good news is that it won't require surgery. He should feel a lot better in 4 to 6 weeks. Unfortunately it means he won't be able to play in the Pro Bowl, after earning his first ever invitation.

The Packers gave him a big contract last July (big for a fullback anyway) and he followed it up with a strong season. His Pro Bowl nod was more about his ability to score touchdowns in 2011, even as his involvement in the offense dropped off significantly with the return of Ryan Grant.

His season ended with a thud, but the injury wasn't serious and it won't hold him back going forward into 2012.