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It Looks Like Joe Philbin Is Moving To Miami

Filed to ESPN: Miami plans to hire Joe Philbin as its head coach.
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Time will tell if Joe Philbin will make a good NFL head coach, but the Miami Dolphins have got themselves a good prospect. And now there will be a lot of speculation that QB Matt Flynn could follow him to Miami as a free agent.

I've read that Philbin has been a detailed orientated coach for the Green Bay Packers. He wouldn't have lasted as Mike McCarthy's offensive coordinator for the past five seasons if he wasn't good at running the offense in practice. He doesn't call the plays during the games, but he does a lot to prepare the players and the game plan each week.

Source -- Miami Dolphins plan to hire Joe Philbin as next coach - ESPN. Here's a little bit more on the report.

As for the Packers, they're obviously in the market for a new offensive coordinator. I wouldn't be surprised if they promoted from within, depending on whether quarterbacks coach Tom Clements finds a head coaching job of his own. So long as the Packers offense is led by McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers, they remain in good hands.